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Accounting Services


     Based in Hauppauge NY the Long Island firm of Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs is a full-service accounting firm.  Our expertise is not only in utilizing an “outside-in” approach in our analysis of your operations but an “inside-out” approach as well.  We dive in headfirst into your financial operation.  We consult with you along the way and aid you in improving your internal controls, the efficiency in your supply chain and make recommendations on the best practices to encourage your business’ growth and continued success.

     It would be very easy for an accounting firm to sit back and show up at tax time, however, that is not the Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs approach business at all.  We are involved all year long, treating you and your company as if it were ours.  We do not shy away from any challenge and we are extremely diligent in helping you resolve any outstanding issue that you may have.

     We are knowledgeable in QuickBooks accounting software as well as having the ability to bend Microsoft Excel to our will in order to provide you the monthly or quarterly reporting that you request from us.  When we come in monthly to your office, we will take your financial information, recommend adjustments and then prepare an internal financial statement.  At the end of the day, we will review that financial statement with you so that you have a complete sense and idea of where your company stands.

     We help you identify any problem areas and any inefficiencies and discuss and recommend the best courses of action for you to rectify any outstanding issues or problems that arise.  Our 40 years of business experience and our personal care of your success are the driving factors in what makes Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs a firm on the leading edge of business consultation.

Call (631) 582-6060 today to talk with one of our CPA’s about your business or personal financial tax situation.

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