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Tax Planning & Preparation – Corporate, Individual, Estate and Trust


Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs of Hauppauge, NY provides year-round tax planning and preparation for their clients.  It is this persistence in our communication that reveals our true value to you.  We realize that to “fail to plan is a plan to fail.”  With that in mind, we implement planning procedures throughout the year so that there are no surprises when year-end rolls around.

Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs professional staff have an intimate understanding of the Internal Revenue Code involving Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, LLC/LLPs, Sole Proprietors, Estates and Trusts.

Any normal accountant will tell you that we only work hard from February 10 through April 15.  Then we retire to the Cayman Islands, to return only when the days get shorter and the forms get longer.

However, we are not a “normal” accounting firm.  We encourage our tax clients to reach out to us during the year.  Sell a house?  Purchase an investment property?  Need to know whether you can invest in an IRA or not?  The professionals at Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs are available throughout the year to advise and consult on your financial questions and decisions.

Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs work with you and your business to plan for taxes during the year.  We are experienced in planning for your financial statement as well as ensuring that the tax situation is always included in the discussion.

We despise the “last-minute surprise” and we pride ourselves on our meticulous and detailed planning discussions that are clear and concise and are easy for you to complete and follow.

We encourage our clients to ask us questions and we can deliver to your options.  Whether it is planning for your estate or trust to pass down to your children or grandchildren, gift-giving, financial planning for school, retirement or just for that vacation home you always wanted, the professionals at Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs are there to guide you along your way.

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