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Distributors & Wholesalers Accounting Services


Whether it is aiding you in creating the optimal supply chain, assisting in valuation of inventory or consulting on a new product line, our experienced accounting professionals will be there to encourage your growth and provide the financial information you will require to bring your company to that next level.


Based in Hauppauge NY the Long Island firm of Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs have 30 years’ experience working with distributors and wholesalers on an intimate level.  Two of our longest-tenured clients are distributors/wholesalers.

Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs can improve your gross profit margins.  We bring an intimate knowledge of how to increase your efficiency, get the most out of your employees and cut unnecessary costs in the process.  We are familiar with many different inventory programs and we will always find a way to extrapolate the information that we need from your system and make it as easy as possible.

We analyze product lines, ratios, and distribution profit centers and discuss our findings with you every month so that you are aware of any potential red flag issues you may have.  We help you monitor your inventory for obsolescence, your accounts receivable for late payers.

Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs work with your managers in order to ascertain the health of your internal controls.  We make recommendations on how to improve your internal processes in order to get the optimal output from your staff.  We take the extra step to work with your bookkeeping and internal accounting staff to aid them with any questions they may have regarding the inventory or accounting process.

Call (631) 582-6060 today to talk with one of our CPA’s about your business or personal financial tax situation.

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