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Leasing & Sales; Tax for Leases


Based in Hauppauge NY the Long Island firm of Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs have unique knowledge in the field of leasing and sales tax for leases.  We work with major financial institutions in aiding them in defining nexus, leasing arrangements and other sales tax questions that may arise during the normal course of business.  We prepare sales and use tax returns for over 48 states, as well as work with special leasing arrangements, upfront sales tax and payoffs upon termination.


We also prepare attestation arrangements with service-by-other portfolios for financial institutions and companies that do not service loan portfolios in-house.  Our professionals will help to guide your business through the process of when to apply for sales tax licenses, when there is nexus and when you do not need to charge sales tax and what exempt forms you should be using.

Call (631) 582-6060 today to talk with one of our CPA’s about your business or personal financial tax situation.

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