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Construction Contractors CPA and Accounting Services


Based in Hauppauge the Long Island firm of Kreitzman & Kreitzman, CPAs have exceptional knowledge with regards to accounting for commercial and residential contractors, as well as tradesmen such as electricians and plumbers. We understand the relationship between subcontractors and general contractors.  We are well versed in the preparation of audited or reviewed financial statements that need to be completed properly and on a timely basis.

We see to the needs of multiple construction clients whose sales range between $3 million and $40 million per year.  These contractors perform work on Long Island and New York City as well as other regions throughout the United States.  Some are residential contractors that build houses from the ground up.  Some are commercial contractors that install boilers and plumbing fixtures in buildings in Manhattan.  Some are heavy highway construction contractors that place overhead signs or pave asphalt roads.

This focused knowledge and experience of contractor accounting is a benefit to our clients when it comes time to prepare financial statements for Surety Bonding Companies, Insurance Companies, and Financial Institutions.  The regulations for contractor accounting are numerous, but employing our years of expertise of working with construction contractors, and understanding how work is processed and completed helps you receive the benefit of our knowledge.

We tirelessly work on your accounts to ensure that you are receiving the proper financials when it comes time to renew lines of credit or surety bonding and that you get the increases in those lines of credit so that you can continue to elevate your business to the next level.

Along with financial reporting, we bring in proficiency in how the back office operates.  We are skilled in navigating labor union payroll, certified payroll, worker’s compensation audits, general liability audits, and sales tax registration and preparation of payroll.

Call (631) 582-6060 today to talk with one of our CPA’s about your business or personal financial tax situation.

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